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Hi, I’m Tawnie James!

Thanks for checking out my latest release. The title of this track is simply, “Yes” and I hope you love it!  If you do, please consider sharing this Post and purchasing this song.

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Tawnie James Yes

The Story Behind This Song:

My husband and I were on our way to the Smoky Mountains.  Traffic in Atlanta was a nightmare and the after-effects of an argument we had before leaving were still lingering in the air.  I was stewing, nursing my wounded ego, and rehearsing every wrong that I felt he had ever done to me.  I began to ask myself all of the “if’s” of life. The writer in me, feeling the need to express myself, took out my notebook and I began to write.  The verses flowed from my heart to my pen like water and I realized I was writing a song about my life yet again.  The more I wrote and asked myself these hard questions, the more I hurt.  We desperately needed some time away to just be together and to reconnect.  When we got to the cabin where we were staying, I went out to the porch to swing and to write while he went fishing.  I looked over the words and began to cry my eyes out.  What I was writing was true, every last bit of it, but in the end, I realized the only thing that mattered was that we had made it through all those hard times and that we were still together, still in love.
So, looking back over the last 18 years, would I choose to do it all over again? The answer is still yes!

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